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    New owner of a young lady garg, my first gecko of the arboreal variety, and the thing I think that has fascinated me the most in the six weeks she has lived with me is her sleeping arrangements. In her tank I have provided a moist hide (plastic container) at the bottom, a hollow log maybe 12 inches high oriented vertically, and also a spot sheltered by large leaves on a horizontal ledge of bamboo situated at the top. She has elected to use precisely none of these options.

    No, after the first few days where it looked like she pretty much just fell asleep in mid climb from leaf to branch at random, her chosen spots are as follows:

    during shed- at the bottom, slightly burrowed in to the substrate (this was just days after she moved in, i'm not sure she had become familiar with the moist hide yet)
    all other times- snuggled in to a dense thicket of plastic amapala plants about two thirds of the way up, near the side of the tank that gets the most light during the day. This is also directly above her food/water mag ledge.

    Her choosing this dense mashup of foliage was a happy surprise. I had previously considered that part of the tank as a bit of a fuck up on my part where a couple different components of the decor sorta jammed in together. But it's her fav, so it stays. Scared the crap out of me the first time I saw her in there. I thought she had gotten stuck.

    Curious to hear other gecko's sleeping location preferences.
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