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Bugs spotted in cage. Please help me identify!

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  • Bugs spotted in cage. Please help me identify!

    So I've had my garg for a month now. I'm i a new reptile owner. Just yesterday I spotted some bugs in her tank and i would like help finding out if they are going to be harmful and what I can do about it.

    So on to their description.

    They are tiny tiny tiny. And yellow in color. I scoured through the whole tank and only found them on her food dish primarily and a tiny bit on her water dish. None crawling through the substrate, or on her climbing wood, or even on her. The ones on her food dish dont move, even when i move the dish. I only saw them moving by the water dish. They dont appear to have wings, but have tiny legs to move. Its really hard to make anything out though because they are so small. What could they be and are they a danger? I have sphagnum moss and coconut husk substrate in there. I dont feed her crickets, only the pangea diet.

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    They could be springtails. Hard to say. Do they have wings?
    They're probably not dangerous. Extra protein!
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      Maybe fruit flies


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        Very unlikely to be harmful. Probably springtails, soil mites or grain mites. They help breakdown food and wastes in naturalistic enclosures. Try googling some images of these bugs to see if they look like what you have. Taking a pic yourself might be difficult because they are tiny.
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