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  • Meet Chubbicas

    Meet Chubbicas AKA Pudge, Podge, Chubs and Pudding

    Bought at the very end of April from Gargoyle Queen

    Born February 14th of this year. Sex unknown, weighs in at a rotund 4.4 grams

    Have not been able to get Chubs to fire up for me yet, so mellow...

    The minute S/He was unboxed

    Yesterday - All unfired, out of cage taken under a white light, the two in cage taken under a soft light

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    Yay you got a gargoyle with red/orange! A very nice one too
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      S/he's a cutie, quite calm and handles well. Seems determined to make it's aim in life to jump on my face though

      I know the striped Gargs are more striking, but I love the blotchy ones.
      The first photo Chubs had sphagnum moss from the deli cup on it, I know, it looks like poop. Plus you can just see where Chubs is about to go into shed, just starting to peel on the end of the nose.


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        When I was looking for a Garg I noticed that opposite to the Crested Gecko world there were a LOT more females available than males.
        When looking for a Crestie I would have had to pay a lot extra for a female and there just weren't that many to buy anyway.
        When looking for a Garg, most of the sexed ones up for sale were females, with barely any sexed males for sale at all.

        Just a quick browse around told me that the incubation temperature of the eggs can be a deciding factor of what sex comes out of the egg.
        Is that true?
        And if true, are all the breeders incubating their eggs at temps airing towards the female hatchling?

        I am not planning to breed and so really wanted a male Garg to avoid all the complications of a female laying infertile eggs, female becoming eggbound, and the calcium problems that come with egg production, even if said female has not been bred.

        I finished up getting an unsexed baby because there were so very few males on the market to choose from.


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          There is some evidence to suggest that temperature might play a role on sex determination of gargs, but it's not a hard fact as in such species as leopard geckos. For many years there has been a skewed sex ratio on the market, with more females being available than males but recently this ratio has evened out and it's pretty even.


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            that is one beautiful baby!!!! Congrats

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              I wouldn't say that striped gargs are more striking than blotched ones. Pretty!
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                I can't get over the way Gargoyle's tiny little nails feel on my skin. I have only ever felt the Cresties and they tend to cling rather than grab. Gargs have their tiny nails and they hug Awwwwwww