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Leachie staple food?

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  • Leachie staple food?

    I recently purchased a baby leachianus, and although the breeder told me it was feeding fine on Repashy crested gecko diet, mine doesn't seem to touch it. It will eat mangos & bananas mash just fine, but the minute I put even 1/16 of a teaspoon of the repashy in it, my leachie won't touch it. Any suggestions? The owner of a local reptile shop suggested to try day gecko diet (I think he said zoo med, but it may have been repashy), would this be a safe/nutritious substitute?

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    maybe its getting use to its new environment? im curious on this one aswell. ive never had that problem with my geckos. hopefully we can both get an answer on this one for future knowledge if this happens again.


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      How long did you try just the repashy before offering other food items?


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        I just purchased a leachie from Phillipe De Vosjoli and he told me that it was normal for a leachie not to eat for 2-3 weeks after moving as it is getting used to its environment.


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          CGD can be hard to tell they are eating, if there is a lot in the bowl/cup whatever you use. Stick strictly to CGD for at least two weeks and just try mixing it up differently (mine like it thick like a loose paste). Also try leaving it in there for two nights instead of swapping it out every night, the CGD will 'ripen' and some like it that way. Don't give up too soon, it takes a couple weeks to get to know each other and find a flow.

          If you are still having trouble after two weeks I would try a different flavor of CGD. Mine loves the mango. Give the original CGD a chance first and get her on a good feeding regimen before you start trying different things. Less stress on you both


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            Originally posted by aalbertson3 View Post
            How long did you try just the repashy before offering other food items?
            A few weeks, but the curious thing is the breeder said he was feeding on repashy.


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              So I bought the repashy day gecko diet to try. The package reads: Our Day Gecko MRP is for all fruit-eating geckos, such as Phelsuma, Rhacodactylus and Gekko. Day Gecko MRP is a modified version of Crested Gecko MRP. It is a bit sweeter, and uses a cherry/fig flavor blend that drives day geckos wild! I'm guessing it's safe to feed my leachie


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                I would give it some more time to settle in and keep trying the CGD before trying something different.
                Leaches don't acclimate as quickly as cresteds do, so they tend to fast in a new environment. This is a period where it should be entirely left alone, only entering the enclosure for feeding and cleaning.

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                  The Repashy day gecko diet is safe to feed other Rhacs, it is essentially a sweeter version of CGD.

                  Still, I would try offering him normal CGD for a few weeks with nothing else. Like others have said young leachies do take awhile to adjust to new surroundings. All my adult and baby leachies pig out on their CGD.
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