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Gecko Newbie- garg purchasing questions

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  • Gecko Newbie- garg purchasing questions

    A few weeks ago, my boyfriend purchased a baby crested gecko from JnS geckos nearby. When we went to pick up baby Ender, the breeders let me hold their brand new gargoyle gecko breeders. Little did I know, I was about to totally lose my mind.
    I've spent the past few days digging through the "available" pages on gecko breeders sites and crawling this forum when I SHOULD be writing my final papers. I have collected a few questions I feel like are worth asking. (they have not made themselves apparent through google searches)

    I am not interested in breeding reptiles anytime soon, but since they tend to live so long and therefore I have plenty of time to change my mind on that, I like to try and make an investment on the morphs I purchase, or at least get a color I really enjoy. I am having the hardest time finding a solid price reference + availability constant with gargs!

    I would like to spent a max of $150 on my gargoyle, not including shipping. I really really like the near-white ones. I've seen some light retics I like, and I like ghosts, pallids, etc. Or really light with spots of color. I'm just really stuck on that marble-y white color. I don't mind if it changes when the gecko "fires up" But I'm having trouble finding it! Is it reasonable to get a white-ish color morph in my price range? I would also really like a fairly young gecko.

    Should I count on find these colors at a Reptile Expo? (I plan to be at the San Antonio one in June)

    If not, am concerned about ordering one online very soon, because I live in central Texas, and it gets and stays extremely hot here. I know many breeders will not ship if the temperature is above 85ยบ.

    Final note: I found one gecko I like, and I have emailed the owner, but I am very concerned about the conditions of his animals. It seems like a red flag to have paper towels so encrusted with poop on every single animal... It makes me want to save the little guy. I'm not trying to slander anyone, though. I won't post the link publicly. But if someone would like to give me their personal opinion on the situation, I would appreciate it greatly and send you the link. (Via PM or something? I'm totally new to this forum)

    Thanks so much, hope my questions weren't too redundant

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    Here's what I think, at least. I also got fired up (so to speak) about gargs a few years ago and what I really liked was the pale whitish with orange/red. I came to realize that this was the fired down version and most places that advertise their gargs online are, of course, going to photograph them when they're fired up, so you won't see the pale look. I would recommend that you identify a reptile show near you, find the web page and see if there's a listing of vendors. Then you can check out their websites and/or contact them to get some info before the show. Failing that, putting an ad in the wanted section here may get you names of breeders in your area.



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      At the last San Antonio expo there was only a small handful of gargs, not a lot of selection or variety.
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        What kind of parents would make a light colored gecko generally?
        Sounds like my local reptile show is out of the picture Thanks for the heads up on that, I won't go expecting to buy. Maybe I'll get lucky.

        Has anyone purchased from Reptile Specialty?
        They are posting their babies up this weekend and I'm hoping to snap up a light retic like this one

        Click image for larger version

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          This guy actually might be available, I haven't heard back from the website yet. He looks so different fired up!
          Click image for larger version

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          Click image for larger version

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            That is a beauty for sure! I have a gargoyle that looks white with black until he fires up and he fires all kinds of colors, browns yellows and orange too. Only when he really chill is he the palest. They are amazing animals, I love my guy!

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              The picture of the male you posted with the well defined black spots against a white background is as unfired as they go: that animal probably spends 75-90% of its time a muddy brown as the base color with black reticulation pattern throughout. As someone mentioned previously, breeders tend to sell their animals based on fired up colors, not fired down. Most gargoyles show a white-greyish base when fired down, but its inappropriate for anyone to label such an animal a "ghost" morph or to claim that it stays that way 100% of the time.

              I can PM you a couple of breeders that are down in your area; I'm in the Dallas area myself. If you can bite the bullet and drive up to Arlington for the biannual NARBC, there is usually a fair selection of gargoyles available. The next show is in August, though the spring shows tend to be bigger.


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                Thanks so much for your helpful replies.
                There really don't seem to be many resources to navigate purchasing a garg online.
                I feel much better prepared now, and I think I'll just a lot less picky about the colors
                I just want a neat little juvie with some decent lines from a reputable breeder at this point


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                  Hello all, thought I would update. I found a little garg, hatched in October 2012, for $60 Should be here sometime this week and I'm really excited. Thanks for all of your help. Click image for larger version

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                    Very cute!!
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