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    Hi all,

    We have an eight month old gargoyle that we've had for six months now. (We are calling it a he, though I don't know the sex yet.) He is active and seems to be in good health. Our concern is the eating. I have been looking at previous threads, but they mostly seem to be regarding newly acquired geckos and we've had this guy for a while. He is in a Kritter Keeper with vines and plastic plants and paper towel for substrate. I have a food dish up in a vine and a food dish on the floor and a water dish on the floor too. I know he knows where the food is, I have even SEEN him take a few licks on his own a couple times. And I would imagine that six months later, if he wasn't eating, he would show signs of illness.

    So where's the poop?

    I know there's no sure way to see if he's eating by checking his bowls, and the best way is to look for poop. And this is why I am concerned. I would say we find one poop a week and that would be a good week. This seems insane to me, but that's because I am basing this on my other herps, who poop regularly. This is our first gargoyle and the only other gecko we have is a Giant Day Gecko who eats like a pig, so I really have nothing to compare him to.

    We don't handle him, only to move him to another tank while I clean his KK. He's kept at room temps ranging from 68-72 and has a moonlight bulb over a bush in the corner. We mist him lightly, which he likes, twice a day if it's dry. He is kept in the bedroom where there is very little traffic, no TV or radio or anything like that and the light is on a dimmer so he never gets too disturbed in there.

    He is on the Repashy diet which is what he was on with his breeder. We have offered him crickets, but there is zero interest there.

    So, if anyone can give us any feedback, I would really appreciate it. How abnormal is this? Is there anything we can add to the Repashy?

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    If the animal is only consuming CGD, it will poop much less often than a similar sized gecko that is consuming only insects (your day gecko). Insects for geckos are to greasy tacos for humans: taste great, tons of protein, and they go through your system fast and come out stinky.

    If your garg seems to be healthy, you have seen him taking some licks, you have found poop even every once in a while, its most definitely eating and is probably just fine. Those that eat only CGD mature much more slowly because of the decrease in protein in the diet without the insects; slower metabolism implies slower digestion and slower rate of poop production. However, if you are still concerned you might consider picking up a gram scale in order to monitor weights. One of the easiest ways to watch out for a decline in health in herps is when you notice a rapid weight loss.


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      The day gecko is on the repashy day gecko formula and insects. I know that they sometimes get 'burned out' on the Repashy and do well when additionally offered baby food or fruit puree with herp supplements. Is there anything that gargoyles can be given in order to provide a more varied diet or to prevent burnout? Or is this not a typical issue with gargoyles? I really try not to think of the Giant Day Gecko since they are apples and oranges.

      So one poop a week does not sound too crazy at this age? If so is this due to age or is this just a gargoyle thing and this is how they will always be? The adults seem to be so...robust

      Is there anything I should be adding to the repashy since he's a youngling? Extra supplements? Anything?

      I will pick up a scale. Is there a weight range he should be in?



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        Best way to monitor young babies/juvies is definitely with a gram scale. If they maintain or gain then nothing to worry about; each one grows at very different rates. To put your mind at ease, my little Vala who'll be 1yr in July is only 8g....she's been at this weight half her life, unlike her momma who was a super fast grower & was at adult weight at 1yr. Gargs are picky eaters, but they never starve themselves. We carrier all the CGD flavors & the DGD, rotating to a different flavor each feeding time because some like certain flavors more than the others. Also, gargs do seem to eat more when they have several days of warmer temps (76-78).

        Yea, comparing Grandis to Gargs by growth or pooping is shockingly different. When my grandis babes were about 3" they were pooping bigger & more often than a 70g garg.....that shocked me until I realized the grandis doubled in sizes every month for the first 3-4 months, never seen a garg do that even though I wished it on several occasions.

        Oh, as you know the smaller the garg the tinier the poop. So taking into consideration that air does sucks moisture out of the poop, it then decreases the poop size making it just that much harder to find. And some young ones love to stick their poop on the underside of leaves making it almost impossible to find. Once a week seems to be the normal with mine, if in a growth spurt then it can be 2-3x a week. I add no additional supplements or anything, same as adults but in smaller portions.
        Andi - Gray Sky Exotics


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          Thanks Hannibal, it does put my mind at ease hearing that once a week can still be in the normal range. I don't have the packaging for the CGD so I don't know what flavor I have, but I will look to see what I can find online. The room temps will naturally be increasing slightly as the seasons change so maybe this will increase his appetite. Since this weekend makes six months with this little guy I was starting to get a little worried. Most of my animals are pigs lol.

          So I will keep doing what I am doing and get a scale. Can anyone recommend a scale? I see the Pangea Store has a couple.


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            For the most part, gargs tend to grow slower than most other geckos (there are a few exceptions).
            The best prices for CGD or DGD anywhere online is through the Pangea store, I haven't found anyone who had better prices...Matt's prices are even cheaper than Allen Rapashy's prices
            Andi - Gray Sky Exotics


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              Oh, no doubt, it's my new favorite store!