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    I am new to this forum.
    On the 14th I got a brand new hatchling Gargoyle at the Reptile Expo in MI. S/he seems perfectly alert, good weight, and jumpy. The problem is, he won't eat. He's always up in his plants and I have the food and water dishes on the ground. Should they not be? I have been using a q-tip to dab on some Repashy Crested Gecko MRP on his mouth so he will lick it, but how do I get him to eat and drink independantly? I know he is brand new and trying to settle in, but I'm talking about the future here, haha. Anyone have any tips? Or any extra information that I should know?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Congrats on your first garg, they are every bit as addicting as cresteds.
    Your new little one may very well be eating, but baby Rhacs eat in such small amounts, sometimes it's unnoticeable in the food dish. The better indication that he is eating is checking for poop within the cage. I would quit hand feeding him (so you can tell if he's eating out of the food dish). All of my food dishes are on the ground, but some just take a little longer to adjust before they start eating.


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      Thank you!
      I haven't noticed any poop yet. So hopefully he will start eating and drinking soon. How long can they go without food and water? I'm nervous about him starving himself or something.


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        They wont starve themselves! Let your gecko be for a 2 week period before you handle it. Let him get used to its new enclosure. It WILL eat.

        What size enclosure is it in?


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          Okay, I will definitly do that. He is about as big as my thumb, so we put him in a 10 gallon tall that we had for now until next month when we buy him a large enclosure.


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            I have just about never seen my crestie and my 2 gargs eating (and I've had the crestie for 6 years), but they continue to grow and gain weight. Weird, isn't it?