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common for adolescent leachies to get aggresive??

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  • common for adolescent leachies to get aggresive??

    my leachie is 6 months old now & a few days ago i went to take her/him outta the cage and it had a hissy fit and attacked my fingers while making all sorts of grunting and hissing noises for no reason. it's never done anything like that so it's a bit shocking to see the sudden change in attitude. i tried a few more times just in case i scared it or caught it off gaured but every time my finger got near it would leap towards me mouth wide open and get all hissy. i'm just wondering if it's common for them to go through an aggressive stage like this and eventually is there a good chance mine will grow out of it since it's still pretty young? thanks for reading and if anyone has any advice on taming it down again it would be appriecated
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    More often than not it is just their off day i would not be worried.


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      It could be getting ready to shed. A lot of geckos get cranky around their shed time.

      Of course, it could also just be the leachie. Leachies are more well known for their aggression than other geckos obviously. I would just wear gloves if you're sticking your hand in there, and make a point of doing handling every other day or so so they get used to being handled and hopefully they'll calm down. It may or may not work, leachies can be temperamental, just apart of their nature.
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        Leachies do often get aggressive when they start hitting puberty. Unfortunately many of them will stay that way. Mine (now sold) did the same thing, and he was going for the kill with each lunge. Watch you don't get bit, leachie bites are much worse than our more common Rhacs. Wear leather gloves or put something in front of the gecko when you're putting in food, etc. I didn't let my guy get away with it though and he stopped doing it after a few months. By the time I sold him he was a big lump of a gecko who would stay on your shoulder forever, and I never had a problem getting him out of his cage. His new owner hasn't said anything at all to me about aggression, he's quite sweet.

        Oh and personally I wouldn't make a point out of trying to handle he/she during this phase unless the gecko is calm out of the cage. Mine was territorial about his cage and so was ok when removed from it but they aren't all that way. I mostly left him alone to "be hormonal" by himself, but I'd spray him or tap his snout if he lunged too close to me while I was in the cage.
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