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Chahoua and Leachianus

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  • Chahoua and Leachianus

    Where do you guys recommend reading up and researching the care of these species? I have been browsing the internet for hours and havent found any outstanding, thorough websites or information.

    Thank you

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    Quite a bit of information on the forums here with a quick use of the search engine.

    Is there a part of their care that You are confused or concerned about ?

    Pretty much like crested gecko care with the exception of the Leachianus unwillingness to take live foods, and the Chahoua almost being picky about CGD and prefering live foods.

    But yea, You should find some intense reading here on the forums.


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      You should really get a Rhac bible if you are looking to branch out into the other species:

      It's kind of tricky to find now, since it's out of print. There are always some floating around though.

      Gekkonidazed Geckos


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        If your looking for a gecko that is going to become a giant, go with the leachie. Best decision i've made in the world of rhacs, i love my big girl as she behaves so well. Get one from a respected breeder, i got mine from steve cemelli @ leapin leachies and she was worth every penny. Such well behaved animals.
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          I like Repashy Forums.

          Scroll down and they have specific discussion sections for both Chahoua and Leachianus. That's where I've found most of my info.
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