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New Rusty striped girl.

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  • New Rusty striped girl.

    I saw this girl today and had to have her. I don't think I've seen a gargoyle with her rusty color. I love the contrast with the cream.

    Here is a shot of my underbite girl now 40g. Her underbite was out pretty far but seems to be getting better. It's hardly noticeable now. Maybe it's her diet.

    And this little guy i picked up a few weeks ago. He is a complete pig. Eats CGD like its the last meal he will ever get.


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    Nice gargs! I will be picking up my first garg this week. An orange striped and blotched.
    Rhacodactylus Ciliatus 1.0.1 (Crested Gecko)
    Eublepharis Macularius 0.1.0 (Leopard Gecko)


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      NICE!!!! i wish i could find some around here in Delaware. Good luck with them. ron
      1 sulcata tort 1 russian tort 2 red foot torts 3 hingeback torts
      1 leopard tort 3 greek torts 1 box turtle
      2.5 hissing cockroaches 3.11.?? c. hentzi scorpions dubia roch colony
      isopod colony 3.5 Emperor scorpions 2.5 c. vitattus scorpions
      4.6.1 crested geckos 1.1 halmahera geckos 0.0.3 leopard geckos
      1.1.7 gargoyle geckos


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        Very pretty gargs


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          Wow nice score! Shes gorgeous!
          Paul Morlock

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