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  • A rescue story (pics)

    Time to show off the Gargs

    This is Quazie, I got her off of a guy a month or two ago. He bought her at a Reptile show as a Proven Breeder Female and a male (his first geckos) with plans to Breed them, But what he didn't know (i guess the breeder either didnt know or didnt tell him is that she was already gravid). so she unknowingly laid eggs, they hatched and he didnt realize it some sometime during the end of her quarentine period (not sure how he didnt notice) and he introduced the male a week or so later. Needless to say it was a bad deal. I ended up Buying the female and her cage and to my surprise getting two free babies (but more about them later) she is two years old i believe, and oh so sweet.

    These are my two (still unnamed Babies). Like i came as a surprise to me..i decided to get this girl out of her 12x12x12 exoterra (which was soo small) and clean it out to use for a smaller crested gecko, and move her up to a larger terrarium. long story short i was cleaning out the leaves and putting them in a smaller container so i could soak them, i carried them in my bath room and started to put a little water in the tub when i saw the leaves move...slightly freaking out i lifted the leave carefully and...A tiny little baby gecko. so i grabed a tub and put him and the little branch he was on in it and carefully combed through the leaves...and tada another little baby gecko!!

    #1 (who is eating well and growing like a little weed)

    #2 (who is missing a few toes on his back feet, the very tip of his tail and has an odd scar on his side, looks like maybe mom or brother(sister) nipped him a little (but it is fully healed). it took me almost 2 weeks to get the little guy to eat...but he is back on the road to recovery and oh so slowly growing.

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    wow amazing story i can't believe he didn't know the eggs were there and they hatched those are two lucky babies crested geckos


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      thats what i thought..not only did they survive mom, each other, and another male in a 12x12x12 terrarium...they moved just in time to not drown, and they are oh so sweet! i had planned on only haveing one garg..but these little guys one me over...looks like i will be getting into gargs too


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        Wow! Talk about a couple of lucky babies!


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          That's amazing! The 2nd baby is so cute!
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            Just a quick update,

            Momma Garg is Doing Really good, she lost a TON of weight and i was super worried about her, but i think maybe she was just overweight, i dont know if that is possible but she i so much more active and moves around so much now, i guess she just needed some more space.

            Baby 1- now known as SherKahn is a wopping 5 grams now, and is doing super great!

            Baby 2- who will forever be my TinyTim (or thumbelina if its a girl) has almost caught up with big brother, he is at 4grams which is amazing as he weighed a barely a gram when i got him. His tail has also straightened out almost completely, and he isnt missing toes like i thought, they are just stuck together, but either way he is getting around great!


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              Awesome story, I'm glad you got them