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    So I recieved my new gargoyles geckos today. One orange blotch, one striped.

    I have some questions for the people who have kept aurics before.

    Q: I notice a slight 'kinkyish' tail in the striped. The Orange blotch is perfect. What does/ Could this be mean?

    Any advice or informaiton would be greatly appreciated.

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    A kinked up tail means one of two things.. a genetic anomaly, or more likely a calcium deficiency. My suggestion would be to provide a fruit mix every night for these first months, supplemented with extra calcium/d3 to try and reverse the problem. The good thing is, if you can halt the problem now, the worst case would be removing the bad tail and letting a good one regrow.

    Id also be sure to supplement the other animal as well, if it was being kept by the same individual it may have the same problem, but isnt showing it as of yet.

    Id also let the person you received them from know that the animals did not come in asgood of conditiona s they should have.. especially if that kinked tail was never mentioned! Thats pretty misleading and rather dishonest in my humble opinion.


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      DEREK!, you need to send me pictures of them!


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        Post pics I wanna see em too!
        -Marina York-

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          kink tail

          The person i got it from said he didnt know about the kinked tail because he didnt look very very closly. Although it was 110% evident to me in 30 seconds of inspecting it as soon as i picked it up from ups.

          I also did not like one bit the way he packaged the geckos. When I picked them up I was like oh god their gonna be styrofoam sides, no cool pack, and a used mtx subwoofer box.. fortunely for me and the geckos they were OK. Dont get me wrong the geckos are pretty nice looking.. BUT this would be unacceptable way of shipping if i was the one shipping them...for the geckos sake.

          He also stated that he didnt think it was cal def because he gives them lots of cal. ?? who knows?

          Ill make sure they get plenty of cal w/d3.



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            Might i ask who you got them from... PM it if you dont want to make it public.


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              Pics would help a lot.

              Glad to see you spell your name right I hate it when people spell my name like Derrick or something.
              Derek Dunlop
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