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New Picture of my Male. hes full of Orange and Pink!

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  • New Picture of my Male. hes full of Orange and Pink!

    Such great colors on him. During the day hes a nice light color with lots of pink and orange and at night hes got a nice black stripe with orange and brown highlights over a white! Hes so calm too. They all are great eaters! Gargoyle geckos I'd say are calmer than most crested geckos! But im still a crested lover! Dont worry he isnt missing a Toe Pad its just bent over in the pic!

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    I love how your males color all seems to fade together. Its amazing.
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      nice looking goyle you got there,and good luck with your little harem.BOBBY


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        That's an awesome striped male .

        I know it's off topic but I laughed when I realized that since the 30th you've posted 11 threads in the off topic forum, and 77 of them were in a row. :lol: Just thought it was funny. :wink:
        -Marina York-

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          There eyes are so cool very nice goyle.
          Derek Dunlop

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            GIVE MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!
            SWEET and SOUR like a TANGERINE fresh like a box of KRISPYKREMES!!!!!Powerful words for 3 Mc's and one Dj (Beastie boys)!!!!!!!

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              Seriously Peter, if you need someone to watch your goyles for you while youre away at college, just let me know
              Nell Rux
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                Thanks everyone, I have loved the goyles so far. Id have to say these are the most laid back geckos ive worked with. I cant wait to try other rhacs!


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                  I always was a sucker for blue eyes... Lol. :wink:

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