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  • question about lighting

    I know geckos aren't that high of maintenance but i just have a question with lightning. I haven't been using a heat lamp for my gecko because it was warm in my room during the summer, now that it's winter it gets so cold in my room. I'm upstairs and theres crappy insulation up here But I remembered that I do have a nighttime light and a little 75 watt bulb for a little dome light that i used for my beardie. Do you guys think I should start using the lamp to keep my lil guy warm during the winter months? I never used the night light with my beardie so it probably wouldn't matter with the garg either.

    I just want my lil guy to be comfy...I always find my garg hiding underneath his paper towels so I keep thinking he's cold. =[

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    Do you have a thermometer in the enclosure? What are the temps? I do not think you should be guessing, especially with a bulb of that high wattage.

    Once you know what the day/night temps are, someone will be able to tell you if you need a lamp. Until then, our guess is as good as yours.
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      75w might be a little high. Id get a thermometer first so you know where you stand now with your current temps. Once you know that then you will have a better idea what watt bulb you might need.
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        It's around 62 degrees in the cage right now...Shouldn't it be around 70?


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          Id start out with a 40-60 watt bulb and see where they gets you. I have a panther chameleon that likes a mid upper 80s basking spot and the 60 watt bulb I use works great. Obviously you don't need that much heat, that is why I recommend starting lower first. Pretty sure a 40 is going to do the trick.

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