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Feeding a baby garg

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  • Feeding a baby garg

    Hello again!

    So for those who don't know - i have a new baby garg (Argus!) and i have a question about feeding.

    He is eating CGD of course and eats pretty well (its hard to tell cause he is so small, but im seeing lots of feces, so he must be eating) but I have yet to offer him any insects. I have access to both crickets and roaches.

    I've heard that they prefer to eat larger insects - but no one specifies how much...i'd hate to feed too large an insect and cause an impaction or anything else. So what size is the best to offer? He is only about 2 inches snout to tail.

    Also - whats the best way to offer the insects? In a dish? With tongs? Loose in the cage? He is in a very small kritter keeper so it doesnt have a lot of room to work with.

    Thanks for all the help

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    Personally my gargs dont touch bugs so I dont bother. But if you want to give it a try you can put him in a seperate container and throw in a couple bugs and see what happens.
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      In my experience; they devour crickets for their first year or so then sorta lose interest.
      We're gonna need a bigger boat.


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        The young Gargs I have kept showed absolutely zero interest in insects (crickets, roaches & phoenix worms were offered). But they all devoured the Repashy diet.
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          Usually about 4 mos + before they even look at a bug. I usually hand feed CGD to all my hatchlings and offer bugs later on.


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            You hand feed the CGD to them? Why is this - just to make sure they are eating? I have not been hand feeding, just leaving it in a dish and monitoring for feces - should i be doing this differently?

            If it seems that most of the younger guys dont care for the insects I guess I wont bother then, my biggest concern is of course nutrition, but if CGD alone is ok without any supplemental bugs then thats just fine!


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              I would say if your garg is housed alone and you are seeing poop then hes fine.
              If you feel like trying bugs go for it but cgd is just fine alone.
              Do you have pics of your garg
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                Thanks for the input

                Yes I do have pics, I keep meaning to upload them but the internet connection here is weak...I will try to get them up tomorrow - he is super cute!


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                  My baby gargs have been eatiing the CGD more then anything. I offer crickets but they barely eat them. My adult female likes the crickets at least once a week (had trouble with her health when i first got her and she would only eat dusted crickets for awhile).
                  Have to try to get pictures of them soon. lol.


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                    You're lucky to be seeing lots of poo lol my garg has been eating tons but not pooing at all! Good luck with it :] :]


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                      Originally posted by snowgirls
                      I dunno, sometimes me and my partners get surprised by this. Usually by the time we scout it, we've already got like 4-5 footies/3-4 grunts/maybe a few archers. Our strategy is to immediately start a few towers in your base, start prepping for anti air, then to go push a base right away. gargs are really bad at fending off pushes, and just go rape the NE base...


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                        Originally posted by brandieb View Post
                        How are you confused by this. Its clear as day
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                          Hahahahaha, seriously Brandie! I must say, though... our gargs are pretty awesome at fending off pushes

                          In all seriousness: our young gargs don't touch insects. I've had a few in their "teens" take some roach nymphs but none of my adults given them a second glance. It wont hurt to keep offering some live prey, but don't be worried if it isn't eaten. What kind of roaches do you have access to? If they are dubias or another species that cannot climb glass, you can offer small nymphs in a little glass or pyrex bowl with sides tall enough that the nymphs cannot climb out. This way the roaches aren't running around your gecko's enclosure stressing him and he can chose when (if) he wants to eat vs. having a small window of time to eat when fed in a separate enclosure. We use bowls like these:
                 for CGD and offering small dubias.
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                            None of my nine take insects.