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can one male gargoyle handle 4 females?

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  • can one male gargoyle handle 4 females?

    I want to know if a first year male can breed four females?


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    He probably can, but maybe not if you keep them all together all of the time. I have gone to a new method where i place an individual female in with the male for a week or two and then take her out and put in a different female. So far it has been working well, and is much less stressfull on all of them. They are not as social as cresteds!


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      I tend to think that if that male isn't bigger than those females, I may get beat up pretty bad if you don't watch them. Also, they'll probably try to munch his tail.
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        can the other females live together while the male is with one in his own cage?


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          gargoyles are mean...females are usually ok once they have become adults but 1 boy and 4 girls at once would be brutle ...but he can as long as their is plenty of hides a BIG cage and adult females...mostlikely he will loose his tail and get scared up ....cuz man, wemon are mean :lol: ..jk..but to answere your question yes he can be with one female at a time while all the females are in one other tank...good luck
          -Jeff Bogdanoff