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Gargoyle gecko water and activity question.

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  • Gargoyle gecko water and activity question.

    Hello everyone. I hope this site can give me some insight on my new gargoyle gecko. I’ve had my gargoyle gecko for a good week now. He’s almost 4 months old, I’ve noticed signs of eating and also have fed him crickets on 2 different occasions. My first question has to do with his activities at night. On many occasions I’ve come to his enclosure in the dark at night and put an extremely dim light up to the tank to see how he’s doing. For the most part it doesn’t really seem to bother him it’s very brief and what I noticed was him being extremely active. Climbing all over the tank and exploring the environment. But tonight it was different, he came out of his hide and has been sitting in the exact same spot all night. I’m worried that something might be wrong with him as this isn’t usual for him. The second worry I have is water. I spray his tank pretty heavy at night so he can drink off the leaves but the droplets dry up In around 4 hours. The humidity is always fine but Is this enough time for him to drink? He’s also got a small water dish but I doubt he uses that since I heard they mostly get their water from the droplets. The problem is i know he definitely hasn’t gotten any water tonight because he hasn’t moved so what do you guys think? Is this normal for him to just abruptly stop moving one night? And are the leaves wet for too little time? I love him so much i just want him to be getting enough water and I’m afraid he might be dehydrated or something. If anyone can answer these questions I have I would be grateful.
    thanks so much.

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    It's completely normal for them to remain in one place for long periods of time. They also don't necessarily need to drink a lot, especially if they are getting hydration from consuming their powdered diet.