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  • Leachie questions

    Hey y’all,

    After a bunch of research and knowing that leachies are 50/50. I rescued this leachie that the people didn’t take care of at all. She’s 3 years old, her substrate looked like backyard dirt that had been dried out for years. They said she never tried to bite them in the 3 years they had her. I stripped all of her substrate out and found 18 eggs dead and dry. Cleaned it and put in plants, it’s a temporary tank while I wait for her new substrate and cork bark for the new tank.

    For some reason after releasing a few large Dubia roaches in the tank for her to hunt she went apeshit jumping at the glass and making noises. And then today she was trying to bite me after giving me some warning hisses and chirps. Any thoughts on this? She’s let me hold her a lot and never been any aggression. Today was the first time.

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    Pictures of her and her enclosure, I have a 36x18x36 that I am making for her but it’s not ready yet.
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