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  • Not eating

    My leachianus is about 6 months old. She recently has stopped eating however she still has been emerging from her hide at night and chilling. She also makes these little croaks when she is about to come out. Her temps are 72-74 and she is currently in a critter keeper. Could anyone help possibly explain this/suggest how I can help?

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    I have one leachie and a number of gargoyles and crested geckos. At any time, at least one group will barely touch their food. This usually happens in the winter. Towards the end of the summer (August/Sept) I would feed them and within 5 minutes they would be clustered around their bowls. Now the bowls are often still full, but everyone is OK. What I'm getting at is that it's not unusual. Just keep offering and try not to worry.



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      Totally agree, all our geckos in winter time doesnt eat a lot
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