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Gargoyle gecko only eats when hand fed

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  • Gargoyle gecko only eats when hand fed

    My juvenile garg only eats when hand fed. I got him from a breeder that only fed him CGD. he also had dropped his tail already. the conditions are perfect and he drinks on his own already. he eats great when hand fed, but he wont bite anything. he just LICKS. he also doesnt lick any objects in his tank much.

    I have heard that I should "starve" him and leave food in the tank at all times, and eventualy natural instinct will kick in. also, he refuses to eat bugs.

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    How long ago did you get him? Did the breeder say if he was eating insects? I recently got a baby garg and the breeder told me she wasn't eating insects. Sometimes it take them a couple of weeks to settle in.