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How to keep enclosure temperature and humidity at a good level

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  • How to keep enclosure temperature and humidity at a good level

    Hello! I recently got my very first reptile, which is a gargoyle gecko. I haven't had her for too long (got her March 29, 2020) and she seems to be adjusting well. Shes even eaten!! One thing I notice is that her enclosures temperature only stays from around 75°f and 80°f. I have a ceramic heat emitter that's been turned on since she has been here and I mist the enclosure daily. Does anyone have any tips to help maintain the correct temperature and humidity? Thank you in advance!!!

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    75-80 is fine for a garg. A little cooler temps in the evening are fine. Daily misting is good, and your humidity should be fine. Do you have a humidity gauge?
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      Flukers has a really cheap combo hydrometer and thermometer that shows a daily min and max for both temp and humidity - that might give you a little piece of mind. You said your gecko was new - are you doing paper towels as a substrate? They can be hard to keep the right humidity. You could try throwing a little sphagnum moss in to help keep the humidity more steady.