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Sarasins/Cresties with Mourning geckos?

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  • Sarasins/Cresties with Mourning geckos?

    Could you keep Sarasinorum geckos with mourning geckos in a large bio active terrarium? I have too many mourning geckos and would like to upgrade some of them into my large bio active tank. I’d rather they aren’t snacked on but I wouldn’t mind losing a few. Would this work out? I also have another bio active with a male crested gecko that absolutely won’t take insect feeders. Would they fair better with him? Should I attempt this at all? I have experience with all my geckos but I know some people are against species cohabitation in general. Thanks in advance.

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    I keep both gargoyle geckos and mourning geckos, so I'll share my experience for whatever value it may have.
    I breed mourning geckos- lots of them. My colony is in a very large enclosure which, despite my best efforts, is not entirely escape proof. Babies escape, and I find them pretty much daily, loose in my herp room. Occasionally, they take up residence in my gargoyle or fat tailed gecko enclosures. They seem to do ok, living on escaped fruit flies, crickets, and isopods. I'm guessing that they may be consumed by the larger geckos on occasion. It sounds like that's a risk you're willing to take.