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Leachie gecko only taking hand feedings

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  • Leachie gecko only taking hand feedings

    Hi there, I have a 7 month old 17 gram leachianus gecko who has been a great eater in the past, but recently stopped altogether. I was recommended by the breeder I got him from to try hand feeding, and he ate perfectly and was very eager. I did that for about 5 feedings to help him put back on some of the weight he lost, but he’s still not eating by himself in the enclosure. I offer him a variety of Pangea and Repashy flavors, and I’ve added bee pollen to the mixture the last few times because I’ve heard it promotes a feeding response due to the sweet smell and taste.
    His temperatures range between 73°-77°F, and I keep his humidity between 70-80%, misting once every night. He’s in a plastic tub which is about 5 gal, with paper towels as the liner and plenty of fake foliage and branches.
    I would really like to get him back to eating by himself in his enclosure, as hand-feeding can be a tedious thing to rely on. Not that I wouldn’t if I had to, but if there is any way to make him a little more self-sufficient, that would be wonderful.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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    He's got you well trained! Try sticking his nose in the bowl and putting him right near the food. I know he's a juvenile, so it's important that he eats, but I have 9 cages of CGD eaters (total of 17 geckos) and the frequency where bowls get emptied is very variable.