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Morph and feeding?

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  • Morph and feeding?

    Got this little girl not long ago now and wondering the morph on her. They told me partial red stripe but I was unsure. Also i know shes gonna take some time to settle before she starts eating but I've had her a little over a week and she wont go near her CGD or any live bugs. Should I play the tough love game until she starts to eat, or should I begin to hand feed her super small amounts hoping she will get with the picture? Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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    From the pictures it looks more orange, but that could just be lighting. I’d say stripe for sure. There is a lot of variety with stripes, some breeders produce gargs that have 6 full high saturation stripes. For the food I’d give it another full week before you worry at all. 2 weeks is the recommended time to let new geckos adjust. You could also try different flavors of Pangea/Repashy. You could also change the consistency of the food (more or leas watery).