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Is my baby gecko too thin?

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  • Is my baby gecko too thin?

    I got my baby crested gecko from a respectable local pet store (not chain) about a month ago. When I got my gecko they said it was about 3 months old. They told me it was currently eating Repashy grubs n fruit so that’s what I got. He doesn’t seem to like it very much and wont eat it unless I put it on his/her nose and he/she licks it off. I’m worrried he/she’s too thin , when I measured my gecko it said 3.5 grams. It’s about 4 months now. Is that too small? Is it just because it may not like the food? I ordered some different flavor Pangea which should arrive soon. Am I overthinking this? Pictures below of what he/she looks like.Click image for larger version

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    please share your opinions I want to make sure my gecko is okay!

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    It looks fine to me, some babies grow faster then others.
    If your gecko is popping, it means its eating.
    Maybe it might be just the pictures but, it looks a lot bigger then 3.5g


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      Geckos grow at very different rates. He doesn't look overly small for that age. But, I think that you may get a better feeding response with the Pangea. If you can get some small dubia roaches and he'll eat those, that will probably help with a growth spurt as well. If you don't want to keep live insects, and if he likes the Pangea, get a flavor or two that includes insects in it.

      Sometimes it seems like geckos stay little forever. But then one day, just like kids, you look at them and they're all grown up. Your little guy is very cute!
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        3.5 grams at 3 months is totally fine, mine was about the same weight at that age.. they often grow fairly slow at first (about 1g a month at most), but then hit a growth spurt at around 7-10 grams (2-3 grams a month)


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          Nice looking gecko. I agree with what the others have said. A lot of juveniles look slim like this but that's normal. Your gecko should eventually get bigger, especially with a better quality food, such as Pangea. (FWIW, my 6 cresties love all the flavours except for the fig flavour, which was universally rejected, so if you bought only that one, try at least one other flavour before you give up! They like it with a texture like thick ketchup).
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