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  • Never Handled/Too Late?

    I know this makes me a bad owner but I never handled my crested geckos. I got them about 2 years ago. They were both very young when I got them and small. When I first got them I was afraid of hurting them as I am a very nervous person and I was worried they would try to get away and I would freak out and freeze up allowing them to jump away and potentially get lost or hurt. I decided to wait til they were older and had hopefully calmed down. But before I knew it, it had been over a year and I still hadn't touched either one. They are both used to me messing in their cages on almost daily basis with cleaning and food changes and when I need to fully clean their cages I either wait til they go in one of their multiple caves or to my embarrassment, get my Dad to help me get them out. They've never had a issue that required me to handle them before. They both are very skittish with my male Sobek being a little aggressive at times and my (unconfirmed) female Ra still being a little on the small size. I have no idea why I've decided to basically become terrified of handling them over fear of losing or hurting one but my question is do you guys think its to late to start handling them at this point?