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Possible metabolic bone disease - helpful opinions needed!

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  • Possible metabolic bone disease - helpful opinions needed!


    First time user of this thread, mainly due to desperate time. I have a crested gecko, Tiki, who is approximately 4 years old. He's been healthy as can be since day 1, and diet has consisted of crested gecko complete formula powder, supplemented with mealworms (also dusted w/ CG powder), and very rarely a small amount of banana.

    Last week, he shed his skin, and it wasn't easy. In fact, I gently helped him shed certain areas I saw him struggling with (not sure if that is related to the issue at hand, but mentioned it in case). About 48 hours ago, I noticed him laying on the bottom of the terrarium, but thought nothing of it, since just the night before he was climbing around near the top and eating fine (although a bit lethargic when eating). However, last night, he was still hanging out on the bedding and when I picked him up to make sure he was alright, I could immediately tell his hind legs were not properly functioning, and he had no spring in his step. Also, when trying to walk, I can see him using his back in irregular fashion. He doesn't have any major deformities, and just a few days ago he appeared in proper health. After thorough research, I'm aware that I should have been supplementing his diet with calcium, among other possible things, but I'm really hoping I caught it in the early stages.

    I called around for vets in my area, and none of them (about 8) had a reptile specialist in today, so the earliest I was able to do was tomorrow morning drop-off for examination and I'll pick him up after my work day. I'm just praying that he makes it another 24 hours from now, since I can't find any immediate remedies to use TODAY, before dropping him off tomorrow... Which is what I'm posting here for. Is there anything I can purchase/administer in the next 12 hours for my little guy that would expedite recovery or at least relieve his issues even the slightest bit, before he gets seen by a quality reptile vet tomorrow morning. I know that MBD is fatal if untreated, but I'm just not sure how long it would need to be before getting to that severity.

    Again, first time poster looking for polite, helpful advice. I can admit I should have done further research and realized that some crested geckos need additional calcium intake -- just trying not to dwell on it, and hoping that I caught it early enough and did the correct thing.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Those symptoms don't sound like MBD to me, but I don't have personal experience with it, so can't really give you an educated guess. One of the early symptoms of MBD is a kinked tail (does your gecko have his tail yet?). I hope that your vet will be able to help your little guy, and please keep us posted. It may be some type of bacterial infection, or parasites - could be any number of things. I hope that he makes it. As for diet - the CGD (what brand are you using?) should be a complete diet, but if you are supplementing with insects, then those should be dusted in calcium with D3. Do you use a UVB light? It's debatable whether cresties need UVB, but in your case, it might not hurt to use it, just to be on the safe side.

    Also, I will say that sometimes, things just happen, and there may not have been anything you could have done to prevent it. Try not to beat yourself up over it, just find out what your vet says, and adjust accordingly.
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      There are several early signs of MBD, wavy tail is just one (which is als a sign of dehydration). Things like swollen limbs, swollen jaw or face, irregular or twitchy type movements (this is generally a sign of a calcium crash which can lead to MBD), limping, bowed legs, lumps in the back or jaw line, decreased appetite, and difficulty actually getting up and moving (lethargic).

      However it could be any number of things low a bowel obstruction which can cause for lethargy, irregular movements, and possible difficulty using hind legs (obstruction pressing on nerves).

      Even if it is MBD, some can still get it when fed and supplemented properly, just like people some animals can be naturally prone to being calcium deficient. But knowing things like the diet, feeding regime, how often and what supplements do you use, whats the enclosure like, uvb offered, and temps?
      lets just say I have a lot of stuff