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Adopting a tripod gecko

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  • Adopting a tripod gecko

    Hey guys. So I’m in The process of getting ready to adopt a tripod crested gecko. I have two other crested geckos that I’ve had for almost a full 2 years now. I don’t have him yet as he is receiving medical treatment for his foot and they want to make sure he is healthy before they let me adopt. He is only maybe 3-4 weeks old (don’t know an exact hatch date) I have noticed he has a cut on his hind leg as well that the vet is going to get contacted about but he can’t climb up walls and sometimes falls. I was just wondering because I’ve seen other forums on here about people having tripod geckos how you guys house them full grown? I love the little guy already (I’ve named him little foot) and just want to give him the best most comfortable life possible.

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    House them like normal Generally these guys get around fine even with only 3 limbs
    lets just say I have a lot of stuff


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      Ok thanks


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        Start out with branches and foliage a little lower in the tank. You can always fill it in more and put more toward the top as he grows and recovers.
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