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My Gecko laid eggs, HELP!

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  • My Gecko laid eggs, HELP!

    Hello all,

    My Crestie laid eggs at some point within the last week or so, I just found them today. She hasn't been with a male -as far as I know- ever. I got her as a juvenile and she is my only reptile.

    As far as I can tell from my poor-man's candling- putting them against my phone's flashlight- they're entirely empty.

    Should this be happening if she's never met a male? Should I be taking any specific steps to make sure she recovers from this? Any behavior for me to expect? Will she do it again in the future?

    I'm 90% sure the eggs have nothing in them, although i've heard of some self-fertilizing cresties.

    I saw her excrete moments ago, so I assume everything is completely out. She's eating as well, and moving just fine.

    In short- help! I definitely didn't expect her to randomly lay eggs outta nowhere XD

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    It's OK! Female cresties lay eggs whether or not they've mated, just like chickens. You don't need to incubate these eggs. Just make sure your gecko is getting adequate calcium and has a lay box handy or is in a bioactive vivarium so that she has a place to dig when she needs to lay, and she'll be fine. (You can provide a small dish of calcium powder for her to lick when she craves it).
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