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Breeding and MBD?

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  • Breeding and MBD?

    I'm a beginner with keeping cresties, I got my first on October 1, 2018, a buckskin female. I got my second on December 22, 2018, a yellow female. After a bit of reading I decided I would ask my dad for another, but this time I was looking specifically for a male; getting two females had been chance. I got my male on January 20, 2019. Full intent on breeding them eventually and selling the babies. But my yellow female, her name is Hei-Bai, her tail is a lil. . . Odd. About a week or so it looked normal, and now it's got an area where it goes a bit wonky. I'm pretty sure its metabolic bone disease; I increased her calcium and it's already looking a little better, less funky, and it isn't anywhere except her tail. So here's the question: Is she still eligible to breed, or is she immediately disqualified from being a candidate for breeding since she now has damage from MBD?

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    Once an animal gets MBD it never goes away, it may slow or stop the progression, but it is always there. So in her case, if it truly is MBD, I wouldnt breed her. No reason to possibly put her body through calcium crashes over egg production.
    lets just say I have a lot of stuff