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My juvenile won't eat from a cup

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  • My juvenile won't eat from a cup

    My crested is 5 months old but refuses to eat anything from a bowl /small cup!

    He's constantly in a attack mode when it comes to food. Nothing interests him, he's not curious about anything (explore his tank, climb around or be a gecko and climb on the glass, etc).
    He doesn't show the slightest interest in any sweets (figs, mango, pear, melon, apricot, honey). He doesn't even lick it off from a finger. Either he attack the finger, licks whatever got stuck on his nose (looking almost disgusted he got tricked into have to eat that crap!)- and then turn around and walk away to show he's done and goes back to hiding another 12 hours.

    How do I "reset" this behaviour to make him eat from a small cup and also become more interested in food in general????

    Not even insects (dubia, black soldier larvae, wheat worms) in a cup can make him feel comfortable eating them, almost as he doesn't understand how to eat from a bowl as he wants to attack visiously and fast but can not do that into a cup, if you know what I mean.
    He doesn't stop by the bowl and grab a bit, so to speak. To him, whatever is in that bowl, isn't food!!!!
    And his interest for food isn't big enought to sort of trick him into eating from a bowl, he backs off when i present it infront of him. He ONLY eat when given from a tweezer!!!
    He drinks daily water from a bowl though, I forgot to mention!!!!

    Do I need to remove him from his 12x12x24 terrarium and put him in a much smaller tank until he starts eating from a bowl or won't this just stress him out to change habitat and make him even less interested in food?
    He's 4 gram, tank temp 23-24C, 70-90%.

    He's also refusing to eat any kind of brand of cgd and not even insects dipped in cgd before given are of any interests then as they smell cgd....
    This is really a funny little guy, I'd say!
    Any help or ideas are hightly welcome!!!!!

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    I would recommend downsizing as that size enclosure is better suited for 10g+ sized animal. But even with that said, juvies are bug crazy, and there is no reset button for that. And some geckos just simply do not take to feeding from a bowl, in that instance tong feeding, free feeding (letting the insects run loose in the enclosure), or try feeding in a smaller enclosure. I am sure if you tried offering crickets in his enclosure he would free feed fine, like I said some simply just never take well to eating from a bowl as the insects are not able to grab their attention enough.
    lets just say I have a lot of stuff


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      Usually they won't starve themselves if there is CGD available, it may just take him some time to figure out that that is food in the bowl.

      I originally was feeding roaches in a dark-colored bowl in an elevated ledge. However, I found that my gecko seemed to be able to see the roaches better when I put them in a white bowl on the floor of the tank. He does eat the CGD out of the elevated bowl, though. I'd say just stop with the tweezers, or at least cut back with those for a while, and give him some time to figure out where his food is.
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