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Experiences with housing female crested geckos together?

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  • Experiences with housing female crested geckos together?

    I've owned an adult female crested gecko for about 6 months now, and shes pretty healthy. I really like crested geckos and am interested in getting another one, I've only done a bit of light researching, and have seen mixed opinions on housing adult females together.

    I plan to get another female whether I house them together or not (I have a spare terrarium that I could set up for crested gecko use) But, what I really want to do is get a 30 tall and house them together.

    I know there's some risk, so I'd make sure to check on them often and separate them if there was any conflict, but I really want to know about other peoples experiences with housing adult females is like.

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    Since youre still fairly new to cresteds I personally wouldnt recommend it, but if you follow through with it, this is my advice.

    One you will want to house the separately for 90 days to allow the new female to QT, you never want to put a newly acquired animal in with a well established animal.

    Two ensure they are close in weight, I recommend no more than a 5g difference in fully mature adults. If youre gecko is still growing, you will want the difference to be even less. So if your gecko is 25g, ensure it is 23-27g.

    Three, buy a scale and weigh them every few days for the first couple of months, this is really the only way youre going to know if both are eating as obviously there is no way to known which gecko is pooping.

    Four, get a new enclosure and new decor and add them both at the same time, this way there is no established territory. Also invest in several feeding ledges to ensure there is more than one feeding area. Ensure there are multiple raised hiding areas/branches, as well as multiple floor sleeping spots.

    Myself, even with as much experience that I have, I still choose to house all of my animals individually other than babies. It is simply safer, and is what is in their best interest.
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      I do have 4 female crested geckos together, a mother and her 3 adult daughters, in a 18x18x36. There are lots of hiding and climbing places in there and in the last year and a half, they are all thriving. I think a 30 tall is marginal for 1 gecko and not big enough for 2, but it can be done as long as you're prepared to separate them if it doesn't work (and you'll need to do the quarantine as mentioned above) .