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Purple discoloration on my crested geckos foot? Pics provided

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  • Purple discoloration on my crested geckos foot? Pics provided


    I rescued this little guy yesterday and boy did he have a rough life. His vivarium was nasty and the water was literally covering the draining layer. Smelled like nasty creek water! Completely cleaned and sanitized with a new draining layer, substrate, background, and material (aside plants). He is also missing a leg sadly idk how it happened, but I also noticed this discoloration on his other front leg. Is that a scar??? He is under weight but that has to do with neglect. He eats like a camp and gets around like a crestie on 4 legs.

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    Good for you for taking this guy in.

    I have never seen anything like this. Did the previous owner put any kind of medicine on his leg?
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      So what happened was the owner was going off to college and their parents contacted the reptarium I go too. They said he was a beautiful healthy gecko so someone drove got him brought him back and boom missing a leg, under fed, and what I am thinking a few scars. The foot moves great and there are no signs of puss or opening to the discoloration. I’ve just never seen that coloring on a crestie and thought it was a little odd!


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        It’s probably a scar. Hard to tell with the color scheme from the pictures. Would have to see in natural lighting


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          It looks like scarring however it is hard to tell with the lighting. Can we get a picture using natural indirect sunlight?
          lets just say I have a lot of stuff



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            I haven't seen that before either, but in that lighting, it looks like he might have some other lighter purple coloration as well...but the missing scales do suggest scarring on that leg. I would watch for swelling, or if that spot starts turning black, but if he's otherwise moving around fine and eating well, with a good diet he will probably recover, although he may never have scales in that spot.

            I would suggest asking a vet for some meds to put on it, to promote healing (nothing with oil in it!). Thanks for taking him and giving him a much better life!
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