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My gecko is darkening

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  • My gecko is darkening

    Help, my crestie is suddenly turning darker. I dont know how to attach pictures

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    Crested geckos will sometimes fire up or fire down, which basically is them changing their colors. It might be that.
    You should be able to add a picture when you reply by going to the far right tab above the text box, and clicking the frame that looks like it has a tree in it. If you hover above it with your mouse it should say "insert image"


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      Google crested geckos and "fired up" and see if that is it. Cresties can go darker/stronger in colour and it's called fired up. As I understand it isn't fully understood why. Some say it's stress but from what I've read the situations in which people find their geckos firing up varies greatly. Like when eating, hunting insects, being active, being asleep and only the parts of the lizard in the light fires up. To me it look like enthusiasm and excitement and simply being active and alert does it, but also possibly light and temperature.


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        These guys do what is called firing up and firing down. This can cause them to get darker or brighter depending on their coloring. So what you see is normal.

        To attach pics in the forum you need to click on go advanced, click on manage attachments, and insert it in there
        lets just say I have a lot of stuff