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  • Handling help please

    I have had issues with my one male since I previous bred him.
    Extreme biting as in drawing blood shedding skin and today escaping his cage between running away which I am fine with as long as he didn't leave the room or escape into the closet honestly till he turned and started running at me with his mouth open and leaping at me. Which was greatly unsettling at nearly 2 am. I've only been able to handle him a few times the past year without biting or holding him in a cloth for tank cleans.
    He was calm , handled on the almost daily as well as in I could walk around the house with him chilling on my arm or shoulder to do his tank clean or food switching which has become quite difficult to do with the aggression that has been coming off.
    Just any tips to just being able to pick him up without sweating my hands off in winter gloves. Or that I am just forever stuck with a asshole. Or calm him down somehow to be able to lift and move.
    He is usually the first one I go for so I absolutely have not held or handled any other geckos food dishes or them. I do wash my hands in between with unscented soaps but I may switch back to the citrus scented one again as it was a smaller issue to handle him then it was with the unscented soap.

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    My most assholish gecko calmed down substantially and can now be handled safely. What he needed was the freedom to run around outside of his cage. I let him out around twice a week. After he's run around for about an hour, he's happy to go back in his cage, and sometimes even goes back in there on his own. A lot of the time I will have to retrieve him from the wall near the ceiling by standing on a step stool to get him, but even then, bites are very rare now and happen most frequently when he is about to shed and/or he has caught sight of his brother. (Nothing like the sight of another male gecko to make a male gecko go psycho).

    Edited to add that they can't see each other from inside their cages but, if one is loose, he sometimes walks on the other one's cage. I generally pick up the loose one if this is going on because I don't need them to get agitated.
    3.3.0 Correlophus ciliatus (crested geckos)


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      He absolutely never sees either my other male or female so know that isn't a thing. As he is located either on the upper shelf or bottom , which he seems better behaved on the lower shelf so I think I'll keep him there.
      I've thought about letting them run about my room but I wasn't sure if thatd be a great idea but I have a simple set up around my room as long as they dont get behind my bookshelf cause that's a tight squeeze. So I think I may try the room run about as I do let my leopard gecko do that when the floor is clean and she seems happy to do so.


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        FWIW, my guy likes to run behind my bookshelves, but he always comes out (eventually). The first few times he did it, he also appears to have dusted the area with his face! He seemed to be relieved to have the dust taken off of him.
        3.3.0 Correlophus ciliatus (crested geckos)


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          Free dusting woo but no if he tried to get behind my bookshelf the little bugger would be stuck by his body because I can only fit my pinky in without a issue and his head is fine just the rest of him not so much.
          But will definitely try when I come back from camping.