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    Okay so I just got my crested gecko. She(at least I think she's a girl) was born 4/14/19 so she's really young. I ordered her off of Josh's Frogs and they sent her to FedEx to hold her until I could come get her. When I opened the box I could see she was nervous because she was trying to hide in the moss. As soon as I took off the lid she opened her mouth as wide as she could and started breathing really hard. I think she was moving her tail back and forth but I can't remember because I was so nervous. Anyway I tried to pick her up so I could put her in her cage but she jumped off my desk and crawled under the plastic cover on my carpet for my chair to slide on. She was really fast and I had no idea what to do but I eventually got her container back over her. I put something on top so she couldn't move it and I covered it with a black cloth to try to calm her down. The only thing I could think to do was slide something under her and get her to her cage as fast as possible. With my mom's help I put her in there and she closed the door as fast as possible.
    I'm saying all this because I'm scared this will happen every time I open her cage door to give her food or spray her tank. I'm not going to get her out for a couple of days or a week so she can get comfortable, but does anyone have any tips on what to do? She's really small and I don't want her to get lost in my room if she jumps away from me. I'll take any advice because I really wasn't expecting such a scared gecko.

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    After having shipped it is normal for the animal to be very stressed, some more than others. Who knows how the package she's been in has been handled. I don't have experience with reptiles personally yet, but experience and knowledge with other animals and logic tells me that the behaviour it showed when you opened the box is her warning you to not come close. Which is understandable, she's terrified. I would probably have waited for her to calm down before i tried to move her. Either way I don't think you need to be so scared that this behaviour will keep occuring (unless it is an extremely skittish individual). After she calms down and get to get used to her new home she will most likely be much more calm. Or at least not be so extreme in her behaviour. So give her some time and then just go slow and gentle with her.


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      Thanks, I think sheís calmed down a little. She still wonít let me touch her or get near her. She looks a little skinny but since I canít hand feed her I donít know what to do. Itís been a little over a week since I got her and Iím in over my head. I want her to be happy and healthy but she still seems so nervous. I think I need to move her to a smaller cage since I thought she would be bigger when I got her. Not sure when or how Iím going to do that though.


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        When I got my gecko she was 6 weeks old so you can imagine how small she was. I kept her in a kritter keeper for a few months with paper towel as substrate. The best thing you can do is definitely move her into something smaller (I dont know what you have her in now). Also please dont be alarmed if you notice shes not eating for a few weeks. That is normal and typically part of the adjustment process for the gecko. They wont starve themselves so just make sure you're changing out the food every day or every other so it's always available. Because shes so small you might not even notice that shes eating. Its recommended you mix her food in a small bottle cap and you'll be able to notice a bit easier if shes eating. Hand feeding a few times is okay but when/if she starts dont make it a regular thing because she'll become accustomed to that and wont eat regularly on her own. Since crested geckos are nocturnal you can try to change food and water during the day or late in the afternoon when shes most likely still sleeping. Other than that as she gets older she'll calm down being flighty is typical of younger geckos.