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One of my Cresties died after vet visit

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  • One of my Cresties died after vet visit

    One of my Cresties started showing signs of MBD and malnutrition (kinked tail, not lifting head, lethargic, unable to climb). I feed pangea gecko diet and occasionally feed dusted crickets (the cricket dusting is the only calcium supplement I provide). I separated him into his own terrarium to monitor for pooping and started dabbing some of his pangea diet onto his nose. He licked it up and seemed to have a bit more energy the next day. I took him to the vet and spent over $100 to talk to a vet (I asked a petsmart where they take their sick reptiles and they recommended this vet) who acted like they knew what they were talking about, but they said some really fishy stuff I've never read anywhere before. She confirmed that it was likely a calcium deficiency and provided a calcium supplement. She then told me that crested geckos should be in a horizontal rather than a tall tank so that the temperature gradient is horizontal rather than vertical. I was housing in a 20 gal tall and she said that I should basically have the tank on its side (she made a side note that she doesn't really think of cresties as climbers). She also recommended that I feed the gecko baby food with a calcium supplement and that this diet was acceptable for a healthy gecko. Those two things go directly against all of the research I have done in caring for my geckos, and it makes me think she didn't know what she was talking about. She soaked my gecko in warm water and told me I should be doing this 2 times a week. (I currently do not soak, should I be doing that? And I thought if you do soak it should be room temperature water, not warm?) She told me I've been caring for my geckos incorrectly and that she was going to type up a guide for me and email it to me that day (which she has yet to send to me). She told me to start force feeding him his gecko diet every morning and every night. She told me to also feed flukes repta boost (I asked if it was a good idea to feed that to him because I have not read anywhere that it should be used for cresties). She told me to up my heat to a minimum of 80 during the day (I probably was housing them a bit too cold and have since upped the heat in my setup) and a minimum of 75 at night with a night heat lamp (I had been keeping them room temp, around 70, at night). She gave me a vitamin supplement to force feed the gecko every day (calcium glucometer, which I assume by the name is basically just calcium and sugar, yet it cost almost $40), and she gave the gecko some supplement at the end of the visit. I then took the gecko home, bought a warmer heat bulb, and force fed it repta boost as the vet had directed. The gecko didn't move unless nudged the rest of the day and was dead by the evening. I still have one healthy Gecko that I'm keeping in the 20 gallon tall terrarium, and I'm questioning if I should follow the vet's directions, as I have never read anywhere that geckos should eat baby food and should be housed in a horizontal terrarium. I also haven't been told to soak in warm water twice a week, or that pangea food needs a calcium supplement added. I'm also upset that I paid over $100 for a 20 minute visit with a vet who "doesn't really see crested geckos as climbers". Do I need to make changes in the habitat and feeding that I'm providing? And is it possible I could make a case to the vet to get my money back? I'm not saying that they killed my gecko, but the information she shared with me made it sound like she had no idea what she was talking about. Have I been doing this all wrong, or was she blindly providing me with bad info? I thought I was doing a good job caring for my geckos, and the one I still have is very healthy.