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Please help! I am scared my gecko might have mouth rot

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  • Please help! I am scared my gecko might have mouth rot

    This is my first time posting and I have no idea how to get a picture on here from my phone, but I can describe it best I can! My crested gecko has a tiny tiny spot on her mouth that appears black and is dry. I tried soaking a qtip in water and whipping it off which is when I discovered it was kinda rough. Iíve only had her for a little over 2 months so we havenít connected to the point she understands I just want to help her. Which has made it difficult to look inside her mouth. From what I can tell from wiping her mouth there was nothing on the inside. I just really want to make sure this isnít the starting signs of mouth rot.

    -She ate half her food last night
    -I keep her vivarium at about 72-79 ( fluctuates throughout the day never gets above 80)
    -I mist her in the morning and at night to about 85% and she gets dry periods that drop to 55%
    -I have yet to find a bug she will eat so as of right now she is eating Pangea watermelon and the Pangea growth and breeding paste.

    I feel like I might be worrying for nothing but she is my first gecko, but I just want to make sure Iím doing everything right before brushing it off as a scab. She does rub her face sometimes so thatís what I thought it could also be, but you can never be to careful! I will take her to the vet but Iíd like to hold off so I donít stress her out to much since I really just got her.

    If youíd like to see the picture it is on my Instagram story! I feel so dumb I canít get this dang photo on this post!! -____-


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    Without a pic there is no telling. To attach a pick click on go advanced, then click on manage attachments
    lets just say I have a lot of stuff


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      Good news it was just a little scab! It went away thank goodness �� the fears of new owners lol. Everything looks like something!