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Isopods in a 3 Month Old's Bioactive Vivarium

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  • Isopods in a 3 Month Old's Bioactive Vivarium

    Hi, im new to the forums. I was wondering if it would be safe to introduce isopods to my 3 month old Crested's terrarium? My main concern is that he'll end up eating one and it'll do more harm than good for the little guy. Has anyone else dealt with this issue and is it okay to do this? Springtails aren't cutting it when it comes to handling to plant matter and fungus on a log.

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    He will eat them, he will be fine, you will be sad, and you will add more lol. But don't just collect them from the wild, they will need to be QT'ed for a long time (it is recommended to add in the babies of the collected isopods). Instead I would recommend ordering dwarf white isopods which are too small for your gecko to eat, them and springtails are the major cleaners. If you want to add another species, try red scabers or powder oranges, however he will likely eat them
    lets just say I have a lot of stuff