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  • Egg laying concern

    I need advice on an issue with one of my females. Due to a mistake by the vacation caretakers, she was put in an enclosure with a male for one night about 5 weeks ago, and I only just found out about it a couple of days ago. I checked her and she is definitely gravidóI can see the outlines of the eggs in her belly. She is plenty big enough to breed (3 years old, 52g) but has not bred before.

    The issue is that she is in a bin enclosure and because I didnít know, I hadnít given her a lay box. When I found out two days ago, I gave her the lay box that my other breeding female has used for several clutches, but she hasnít laid anything yet. I am worried that she may be egg bound because she didnít have a lay box when she needed one.

    What do you think I should do? Should I just give her more time to lay, or should I try to address it as egg binding? Itís been five weeks, so itís borderline, but my other female took almost seven weeks to lay her very first clutch, and her eggs were similarly visible for the last few weeks of that, so I donít know.

    She hasnít been very active recently but she was never a particularly active gecko to start with, so I wouldnít necessarily say sheís lethargic. No obvious physical issues.


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    It can take anywhere from 28-45 days, sometimes longer, so I wouldnt jump the gun and immediately think she is egg bound. Just give her time. Females tend to eat less right before they are about to lay, and still do test digs also in the egg laying box. I would say if within a week you dont see her doing test digs, then you can be a bit more concerned.
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      FWIW, they may not have bred; females lay eggs even if they have never been near a male. Once she has laid, you can check the eggs to see if they are fertile or not.
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