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Does light affect life cycle?

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  • Does light affect life cycle?

    1. Would it be okay for a baby gecko to stay light at night? (2g baby)

    2. Also, I am wonder whether lighting affects its sleeping time or activing cycle.
    (my gecko sleeps not only throughout the day, but also at night. -maybe 8pm ~ 11pm ?)

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    Yes, geckos' circadian rhythms are affected by light. Please let your gecko have a dark place to live so that it can do normal gecko things at night.

    Sometimes geckos stay up late (i.e. are awake in the morning) and sometimes they sleep in and stay sleepy in the evening, but don't panic! People do this, too.
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      Turn your light off at night. That happens in their natural habitat, and it should happen where he lives now. He will wake up later at night and wander around in the dark.
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        Even night time bulbs can throw off their sleep cycle. So in general I do not recommend any types of bulbs for night time heating or viewing other can a ceramic heat emitter which only produces heat and no light.
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