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  • Fungus, bioactive terrarium

    I have a terrarium that is still “acclimating”. Humidity stays between 50% and 80% for about 8-10 hours before going back to 50-60%.

    I’ve noticed there is a small patch of fungus that is clustered small ball shaped about 1mm in diameter. {pic to follow} The fungus is close to the top and about halfway into the depth of the soil.

    My question is, does anyone have this in their soil? I’ve read that sometimes these things show up during the beginning phases of getting it sufficiently. Should the high humidity phase be shorter than 8 hours?

    My crestie is still too small for it so they’re not living in this vivarium yet.

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    Do you have a clean-up crew (springtails and/or isopods) in your tank?
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      Pinch the mushrooms off before they mature and release spores -- spores can irritate the respiratory tracts of lizards and humans. Otherwise there is nothing to worry about. The fungal mycleium is in the soil, decomposing stuff. It's fine.
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        What youre seeing is normal healthy fungal growth for a bioactive, although it is unsightly. It is helping your enclosure to function properly by helping to break down nutrients. Normally that sort of fungus is in the soil itself and not on top though. Do you have springtails and isopods in your tank? They help to control the fungus above the ground.
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          Yes I have earthworms, isopods and springtails. I figured it's mostly normal. I've also noticed some mycelium at the drainage barrier beneath.

          Would you think a small spray, locally on the mushrooms, of hydrogen peroxide would help? Just to neutralize the spores. I want to reiterate that my lizard is not in the enclosure yet and it still will be another 3 months or so before they go in.