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Swelling around and near front leg?

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  • Swelling around and near front leg?

    So the swelling here is the main issue I'm worried about right now, as I've never seen it until about an hour ago.

    2.5 year old male, about 20.5 g. He has been a slow grower all his life, but the vet I've talked to says not to worry unless he loses weight. Well, he currently is; he's down to about 20.5 from the peak of 21.75 g 1.5 months ago.

    He's also had issues with swelling around the right eye (pictures here, note that the two last pictures are for comparison) for a few months now. The vet I've talked to hasn't been very worried, but it has become much more frequent since we last spoke. This is the first time I've seen any other kind of swelling.

    I've already mailed these pictures to a different vet who works nearby, but she's currently not even in the country. We have talked via mail, but she obviously can't come and see him right away. It's currently 1 AM, so best-case scenario I get an e-mail answer tomorrow and a physical exam ASAP, though likely not in less than a week.

    Temps, humidity, food etc. should all be OK. (In short: bioactive enclosure, LED lighting, 22-25 C, humidity 55-95%, high evening drying out over the day, Pangea complete diets and some dusted crickets the past 2 weeks or so. Prior to that he's only ever eaten Pangea.)

    Any ideas what this might be? Search results suggests MBD among other possible causes, but I haven't found any pictures of MBD-caused swelling.
    His tail has had a slight knick for many months, which hasn't gotten any worse with time, and is only visible in certain positions. Other than that, he's never had any MBD symptoms.

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    I haven't ever seen this. Possibly an abcess? Doubt it would be MBD. I would just get him in to a vet as soon as you are able.
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      Yeah, the swelling got worse (it's definitely a systemic issue of some kind). It varies with time, but at this point all legs have been swollen at some point. When it's the hind legs, they seem to swell up along the entire length, while in the front the swelling is mostly near the body (and sometimes on the body, as in the pictures above).
      Updated pictures:

      He saw an exotics vet today.
      MBD is pretty much ruled out as the x-ray showed pretty healthy bones. (He did however have two crooks in his spine, one in the back and one in the tail -- the latter is visible at times, but I've never seen anything odd about his back. The vet also didn't notice that until the x-ray.)
      The x-ray also made the vet fairly certain that gout is not the issue, either, as she couldn't see any kinds of deposits or such.

      She felt he was too small to take a proper blood sample, but did take one drop to check for infection, which came back negative. She did however mention that (if I understood correctly -- I haven't read the journal yet) there were signs of mitosis of red blood cells in his blood, which apparently is not normal and should happen inside organs or bone marrow only. That could indicate some sort of tumor disorder (blood cancer?).

      However, due to the sample size, she couldn't state any diagnosis with certainty. She sent him home with a trial of anti-inflammatory medication which I should give him for a few weeks and see. If it helps, we'll stop it after 2-3 weeks and see what happens then.
      If the swelling (and low appetite, etc.) comes back, she said that he might have to stay on it long-term.


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        It doesnt look like MBD, it looks like he has some sort of infection which is causing fluid to build up. Abscesses are hard and these are fluid filled sacs which need to be aspirated and cultured.
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          I'm not sure if my previous answer to this thread is gone or just stuck in the mod approval queue, but I can't see a notice any more, so I'll assume it's gone and the important parts of it.

          Unfortunately, I have terrible news... I took him to a vet, the closest that had x-ray capabilities (and exotics-knowledgeable vets, of course). They x-rayed him, and found no evidence of MBD, though his spine did have two bends/crooks, one near the tail as I mentioned earlier, and one in the spine. Nothing that should matter for his symptoms, and no evidence of gout-related deposits either.
          She did find some abnormality in his blood; the infection check came back clean, but the blood test did give her a suspicion of some kind of tumor disease. I'll be able to read the journal entry tomorrow and will update the post if there's more detail there.

          Long story short, he got sent home with a prescription for antiinflammatory meds, and when I took him out at home, to put him back in his vivarium, he was dead...

          I assume the stress of the experience (an x-ray, the examination, and two blood draws --the first was contaminated by the fluid in the edemas) was too much, presumably combined with him being weakened to begin with.


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            That is a bummer. Very sorry to hear.


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              I am so sorry to read this. You tried so hard.

              I hope though, that it doesn't discourage you from loving another. I pray that the next one you have will be healthy and strong, and be with you for many, many years. Please do keep us posted.
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                Sorry for your loss. You did your best to care for him.
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