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Is my crested gecko going blind?

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  • Is my crested gecko going blind?

    I’ve had my crestie for about half a year and she’s been fine up until 2 days ago where I noticed that one of her eyes was a purple colour. I thought maybe she hit it on something but now it looks like she’s going blind. Can anyone help?

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    I have heard/read of cresties going blind and the eye turns black. If you know of an exotic animal vet it couldn't hurt to take her in. I would just watch what happens and if the gecko starts acting any differently. Keep the plants and decorations in the tank low because if she is going blind her depth perception will be altered and you don't want her falling from high places constantly. Hopefully everything is okay and she will learn to adjust if she is going blind!


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      Only way of knowing is to take your gecko out when the room is dark, then use a flash light and shine it on the eye in question. If the pupil contracts, it isn't blind. Instead it may just be an injury from scraping it on something
      lets just say I have a lot of stuff