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protrusion in lower abdomen + scale loss

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  • Sublime Reptiles
    Honestly, this requires vet care, it could be an infection/abscess of some sort that will require medical attention

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  • lkron
    started a topic protrusion in lower abdomen + scale loss

    protrusion in lower abdomen + scale loss

    My gecko is around a year old and has been completely healthy up until recently, and I'm still unsure of its gender just yet. I started to notice a bulge under its tail, which made me assume it was a male, until I noticed that its lower abdomen also protruded outward as well. He eats regularly and the temperature + humidity is fine, and the gecko has no problems with excreting either. I have him eating Pangea food as well as some dried crickets on the side. As for the scale loss, I removed a rock from the bottom of the cage, because he was often sitting there and thought that it could have caused scraping. I honestly have no idea what to do, and I'm getting really worried about the growth in his abdomen especially. Any help is appreciated greatly.
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