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Why is my gecko attacking me? Also, new picture. Girl or boy?

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  • Why is my gecko attacking me? Also, new picture. Girl or boy?

    My gecko is attacking me every time I put my hands into the tank! Why?
    Really chasing me and bite branches and the material in the tank!

    This is what happens - I lift the top off to clean or feed, and I move slowly and wait a while and talk calmly before putting my hand down to hopefully maybe have it climbing up to my hand.
    That would be nice if that happend. Bbut instead it litterly runs to my hand (!) and bite the fingers like a crazy psychopat. Why???!!!

    It has gone from hiding every time for weeks, to now this!
    I've had him/her for 1,5 months and its shedding a lot, eating, pooping and eat dubia + CGD and the tank are filled with lots of hiding places and no stress what so ever around. He/she is having a Gecko Hilton Hotel!!!

    Click image for larger version

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    As I can't touch him/her it's more or less impossible to take a sharp photo as I have to lift the whole branch out and its only when I do the cleaning process and use the extra plastic tank he/she is climing on the glass, otherwise never.
    Can you more clear now see what sex it is, it looks more like a female now, doesn't it????

    So - why is it so aggressive and attack me and what can I do to change it?
    And, is it a boy or a girl?

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    Your picture is too blurry to be able to tell whether your gecko is male or female.

    How much does your gecko weigh? I find that they get all hormonal and crazy for a while, usually when between 10 and 20 grams. Usually once they're bigger than 25 grams, if there are no obvious male characteristics, they are probably female.
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      I have no idea how much it weights as I can't grab him/her to lift on the scale as I get visiously bitten!!! Never heared of this aggression before among CG!
      Even thought I've just fed with dubia or a meal worm it attacks. Must be the hormones as he/eats like a horse and seems constantly hungry, you are probably right!
      I'd say though by just looking at him/her that it's in good health and is shedding, pooping, eating, drinking and grow fine so I guess I just have to wait until it gets older and hope the temper settles down.


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        Looks like a female to me, as there doesn't appear to be a bulge, but depending on the age and size it could be a boy who isn't showing yet. The attacking could be a hunting behavior from eating the dubias. Some crested geckos however, just don't like to be handled and are a display only animal.


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          Its very hard if just see your picture but I think its a boy
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