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  • 130 day eggs

    Hey everyone,

    After lots of thought and preparation I decided to start breeding my geckos in hopes for some babies I could raise to be animal ambassadors for an education business I run. I've been keeping them on vermiculite at around 70 degrees for 130 days. There is a gecko inside both of them that is large and what seems to be fully developed, but had stopped moving around about three days ago. Could the geckos inside be dead or should i be concerned about them not being able to hatch? The eggs have no mold or sweating and i have increased the temp over the last week to about 78 degrees (I'm getting impatient lol). In a few days if they don't hatch would you recommend cutting the egg open? How long would you wait before giving up on this clutch?

    Thank you so much!!

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    One, turn the incubator back down, no reason to increase from 70 all the way up to 78 because of being impatient. That temp for a short period really isn't going to trigger them to hatch. I wouldnt start worrying just yet, you incubated low so it is going to take time. I would decrease the temps slowly over a few days and stick with 72.

    I never recommend cutting eggs, impatience can often lead to babies being pre-mature and not making it after cutting, and I can say that from experience. Unless the eggs sweat or start to shrink, let them do their thing. And dont give up until they mold over or deflate. Its not unheard of for them to go 150 days, however its a bit rare.
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      Ok great, thank you for the information! I'll lower the temps back down and let them do their thing! Thanks!!!


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        Be patient, as Melissa said.
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