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Best CGD flavors/brands? Comparison of Pangea, Clarkís, Repashy, BPZ, BFGS, etc

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  • Best CGD flavors/brands? Comparison of Pangea, Clarkís, Repashy, BPZ, BFGS, etc

    Hi all! Iím pretty new to owning geckos but for the past 6mo or so Iím the proud owner of 3 cresties and 2 mourning geckos. Two of my cresties are picky eaters and theyíve recently gone off their food/lost weight. Iím wondering if theyíve gotten bored with their Pangea and Repashy and want to encourage diversity in their diet. Iíve done a search online of diff CGD brands, but a lot of the reviews are old (3-5yrs ago) and some formulations have changed (ie Repashy, ZooMed).

    Iíd love to hear your experiences with diff CGD brands, namely Clarkís, Big Fat Gecko Smoothie, and BPZ.

    I feed a variety of insects, but the two adults wonít eat them most of the time. None of my 3 cresties have been interested in fresh, mashed up fruit (cherries, blueberries, raspberries, grapes, mango, pears, honeydew melons, to name a few). I think one actively dislikes honey. If I add bee pollen to the CGD, they usually eat more.

    The two adults have sort of gone off their food. Iíve tried changing the consistency, adding bee pollen and/or honey. Iíve tried mixing CGD flavors. The temps are warmer now that itís summer, and humidity is always raised at night. One is a female. She used to eat like a champ, but after laying her 3rd clutch of eggs sheís barely eating. I supplemented calcium in her CGD when she was gravid and left powdered, phosphorus/vit D-free calcium in her tank. Itís been a couple weeks since she laid and Iím worried. Previously, she had laid a clutch and ate fine, but this time she seems more stressed. Iíve tried checking her calcium sacs, but she wonít open her mouth and I donít want to stress her. Sheís over 6 yrs old. Is she a factor?

    FYI- I didnít breed her. Apparently her previous owner had bred her before but thought that she was done laying eggs. Sheís now laid 3 clutches since I got her in March. March clutch was infertile; not sure about these other two.

    The male has been losing weight. He used to go to town on the apricot CGD, now he barely touches it. My subadult now weighs more than him!

    CGD Iíve tried:

    -Fruit Mix Complete (red):
    all love, but recently 2 have been turning up their nose
    -Apricot (Orange):
    all love, but recently 2 have been turning up their nose
    -Watermelon (green): 1 loves
    -Papaya (yellow): 1 loves
    -Breeding (grey): meh
    -Fig w Insects: meh

    -Mango w Insects: meh
    -Purple (no insects): meh

    -Watermelon: hate
    I just opened the Zoomed Watermelon (which is supposedly similar to Repashy CGD now) but none of them like it- even with honey and bee pollen mixed in!!! Iíve even tried mixing it with Pangea CGD flavors and theyíll barely eat it.

    Iíve read good stuff about BPZ (green), Big Fat Gecko Smoothie, Clarkís, Repashy Banana Cream Pie, Repashy Grubs n Fruit.

    Iím thinking of getting Pangea Fruit Treat (blue), Repashy Cream Pie, Clarkís (mb guava?), BPZ green, and BFGS (strawberry?).

    I know every geckoís taste preferences differ, so a lot of the reviews are mixed. However, most agree that Pangeaís Fruit Mix Complete is a fave, as is Repashyís Banana Cream Pie (and mb even Clarkís?). Reviews are mixed as well for BPZ and BFGS, but generally positive.

    I find it extremely wasteful to buy CGD mixes that I have to throw out in a few months (my 5 geckos donít eat much even if I just buy the 2oz bags). Before I buy any more CGD flavors, I was wondering what brand/flavor your geckos go nuts for? Appreciate any recommendations you can provide!

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    BFG and BPZ generally by themselves do not go over well, they seem more readily accepted when mixed at 25-50% with Pangea. Same with Pangea fig, best result is when mixing it with another Pangea flavor. Clarks is the same way, I have never gotten a good response by itself, was best when mixed with Pangea.

    Repashy BCP, Pangea Fruit Treat are not complete diets, not really worth getting. The PFT is the same formula blend as the apricot blend, just minus the protein. So if you arent getting a good response with apricot, you wont really with that.

    What do I do? I only feed apricot, or breeder. These guys wont starve themselves, and I find too much variety was ending up with pickier animals. Clarks + Pangea Watermelon always got a good response but I stopped feeding Clarks. As I stated I only got a good response with BFG and BPZ when I mixed it with Pangea, BFG at 25%, BPZ at 50%. BCP I mixed with Banana Pangea, only ones who ate it were the chahouas, but they love bananas.
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      Thanks for sharing! Iím glad I could get another data point since all the reviews/posts from before were super old. Lots of things have changed since then in thereís of the formularies.

      The Repashy BCP and Pangea Fruit Treat were add ins to their reg Repashy/Pangea CGD. I was hoping it would get my two pickiest waters earj g again. My subadult (mb adult now that sheís surpassed the weight of my adult male) has no trouble eating. I try to limit her diet a bit since getting big too quickly can lead to health issues.

      My guys dislike the breeder but love the apricot and FMC. Iíll def reorder those and then try the other 2 treats. But I really want to try
      Bog Fat Gecko Smoothie
      And BPZ

      Are they really only good for mixing in? Some (older posts) showed promise. Someoneís geckos were gaining weight quickly Iím more concerned about palatability. If my geckos donít go near it, no matter what others say, then itís not gonna work for my group.

      Of those 3: BFGS, BPZ, and Clarkís, which is best (subjective)? You can grade them on price, smell, palatability, feeding response, nutrition, cost, etc. Iíd like to purchase at least one of these to see how it does in the rotatio

      Let me know what you think. Thanks!


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        My geckos' preferences are as follows; all 6 of them seem to agree on what they like and don't like.

        -Apricot (Orange): 6/6 geckos love it. 4.5/5 stars
        -Watermelon (green): 6 out of 6 geckos' absolute favourite. 5/5
        -Breeding (grey): initially they weren't keen on this, but now they like it well enough, but not as much as they like the insect flavour. 6/6 geckos, 4/5 stars
        -Fig w Insects: *I* like how this smells, but they really are not keen. 6/6 geckos, 2.5/5 stars
        -With Insects (red) -- 6/6 geckos like it. 4.5/5 stars
        -Papaya -- I can't remember if I gave them this before. If I did, the feeding response was similar to that of apricot, i.e. 4.5/5 stars.

        I mostly feed my geckos watermelon, insect flavour, and apricot. Usually I'll alternate between two flavours at a time.

        Edited to add that I keep my gecko food in the fridge. You may find that it stays fresher longer if you keep it in the fridge or freezer.
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          I only use the Pangea, on the recommendation of an experienced breeder friend. However, I rotate flavors every time I mix up a new batch. All of the geckos I have (gargoyle, mourning) eat all of the flavors equally well.