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Crested gecko behavior after laying eggs

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  • Crested gecko behavior after laying eggs

    I made another new thread about what to do with the eggs my crestie just laid, (no male involved so they are infertile) but are they suppose to act normal after laying eggs? She just laid them this afternoon and right now its almost midnight and usually at this time she would be climbing around. But instead, she is sleeping in her rock where she lay her eggs and she has been there the whole day. At least, I hope shes sleeping... 😣 Should I be worried she isnt coming out? Or is this normal behavior and I should just let her rest...

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    Update: she came out of the rock... but is very inactive now. She walk around a little bit at night but not as much as usual. She is sleeping a lot is this normal after laying eggs??


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      Generally no. Usually right before laying females eating habits change, and sometimes they will sleep in a different location, but after laying they go back to normal. Is she eating and maintaining a stead post egg weight gain?
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        Laying eggs is exhausting. I would not say that being tired is unusual for the first day afterwards, especially for smaller and younger females. Females are also often hungry and thirsty after they lay, and they eat and drink a lot soon afterwards. (When they are gravid, their bellies don't have much room for food or water). But if she's tired for more than a day, that would be a concern.
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