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  • My new female

    So, this is my newest addition, Yule, who I will be picking up hopefully some time next week. I’m absolutely terrible with morphs (which is a worry to say I want to breed lol) and I was just wondering if anyone could help me identify her? I know the sire was a beautiful cream/red harly and the dam was tricolour. I believe I can see a partial pinstripe on her but again I’m not the best judge. She’s a pet first and foremost which is why I haven’t identified her morph before buying her. I would like her to be my first breeding female but I also don’t want to produce low grade babies that will just continue to over-saturate the market for Cresties so I will wait and see how she grows and what her structure is like etc.
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    She is a harleyquin, looks like an extreme harley, but she isnt a partial pinstripe, she is what is considered as pin dashed.
    lets just say I have a lot of stuff